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Holborn, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bettinelli, Lorenzo Umberto  4 Jan 1909Holborn, Middlesex, England I1452
2 Bettinelli, Vittorio Ottavio "Bertie"  1884Holborn, Middlesex, England I3453
3 Brown, Charles Pugh  1838Holborn, Middlesex, England I2473
4 Crain, Walter John  1 Mar 1881Holborn, Middlesex, England I1673
5 Holland, Bernard Albert "Bernie"  30 Aug 1913Holborn, Middlesex, England I1227
6 Holland, George Edward  25 Jun 1911Holborn, Middlesex, England I1231
7 Holland, Lilian Charlotte "Lily"  2 Apr 1909Holborn, Middlesex, England I693
8 Howe, Ada Louise M.  7 Apr 1919Holborn, Middlesex, England I1720
9 Linley, Ann  1784Holborn, Middlesex, England I2450
10 Linley, George  1787Holborn, Middlesex, England I2609
11 Linley, Henry George  Mar 1797Holborn, Middlesex, England I2392
12 Linley, Sarah  1788Holborn, Middlesex, England I2610
13 Moon, Adelaide Maud  1884Holborn, Middlesex, England I4673
14 Mortimer, Elizabeth  1850Holborn, Middlesex, England I1819
15 Nussey, Abby  1758Holborn, Middlesex, England I2440
16 Pugh, Sarah  1762Holborn, Middlesex, England I2682
17 Pugh, Sarah  1778Holborn, Middlesex, England I2428
18 Thorne, Ada Alice  1875Holborn, Middlesex, England I1769
19 Wilson, John  8 Jan 1817Holborn, Middlesex, England I1804
20 Wilson, Mary Ann  13 Feb 1815Holborn, Middlesex, England I1803


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Davis, Edmund Thomas  1882Holborn, Middlesex, England I1488
2 Garters, James  1888Holborn, Middlesex, England I2081
3 Hurlock, Thomas Frederick  1939Holborn, Middlesex, England I4328
4 Linley, George James  1816Holborn, Middlesex, England I2391
5 Pugh, Ann  1777Holborn, Middlesex, England I2778
6 Pugh, Sarah Rhoda  1762Holborn, Middlesex, England I2681
7 Tootell, Henry  1917Holborn, Middlesex, England I1670
8 Turney, Sarah  Abt 1888Holborn, Middlesex, England I3485


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Biles, Sarah  10 Jul 1774Holborn, Middlesex, England I2359
2 Pugh, Charles John Gentleman  7 Apr 1782Holborn, Middlesex, England I2350
3 Pugh, Thomas Gentleman  10 Aug 1775Holborn, Middlesex, England I2354
4 Pugh, William Gentleman  10 Jul 1774Holborn, Middlesex, England I2358


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Green / Welch  1908Holborn, Middlesex, England F648
2 Meek / King  1895Holborn, Middlesex, England F1392
3 Shuttleworth / Holland  1928Holborn, Middlesex, England F411