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Bolton, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brockbank, Elizabeth Ann  11 Nov 1888Bolton, Lancashire, England I1543
2 Brockbank, Harry  1899Bolton, Lancashire, England I1547
3 Brockbank, Herbert  30 Mar 1887Bolton, Lancashire, England I1542
4 Brockbank, James  1896Bolton, Lancashire, England I4036
5 Brockbank, James  1902Bolton, Lancashire, England I5629
6 Brockbank, Lilian  1914Bolton, Lancashire, England I1116
7 Brockbank, Mary Alice  1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I156
8 Brockbank, Mary Eliza  1855Bolton, Lancashire, England I4820
9 Brockbank, Robert  21 Nov 1919Bolton, Lancashire, England I128
10 Brockbank, Sylvester  1868Bolton, Lancashire, England I153
11 Brown, Mary  1828Bolton, Lancashire, England I1599
12 Davies, Robert Windsor  1 Jul 1927Bolton, Lancashire, England I2048
13 Fowler, Isabel Esther  1871Bolton, Lancashire, England I2071
14 Harwood, Lettice  Abt 1851Bolton, Lancashire, England I6123
15 Hulme, Nancy  1858Bolton, Lancashire, England I1540
16 Hulme, Wright  1885Bolton, Lancashire, England I1541
17 Longworth, Eliza  1834Bolton, Lancashire, England I3250
18 Longworth, Elizabeth  1815Bolton, Lancashire, England I2510
19 Longworth, Ralph  1817Bolton, Lancashire, England I2506
20 Longworth, Richard  1813Bolton, Lancashire, England I2735
21 Longworth, Thomas  1828Bolton, Lancashire, England I2511
22 Longworth, Thomas Thistlethwaite  1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I562
23 Marshall, Alice  1838Bolton, Lancashire, England I157
24 Mitchell, Ada  1879Bolton, Lancashire, England I1549
25 Mitchell, Amelia  1876Bolton, Lancashire, England I2737
26 Mitchell, Annie  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I2738
27 Mitchell, Charles  1883Bolton, Lancashire, England I1551
28 Mitchell, Florence  1887Bolton, Lancashire, England I2739
29 Mitchell, Gertrude  1885Bolton, Lancashire, England I1552
30 Mitchell, James  1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I1550
31 Mitchell, Jane "Cissy"  1889Bolton, Lancashire, England I1553
32 Mitchell, Lily  1878Bolton, Lancashire, England I1548
33 Mitchell, Simeon  1855Bolton, Lancashire, England I40
34 Morris, Susanna  1825Bolton, Lancashire, England I1593
35 Tatlock, Ann  1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I1597
36 Tatlock, Baby  Sep 1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I1797
37 Tatlock, Catherine  1856Bolton, Lancashire, England I20
38 Tatlock, Charles  Abt 1879Bolton, Lancashire, England I6125
39 Tatlock, Daisy Jane  Between 1 Jan 1892 and 31 Mar 1892Bolton, Lancashire, England I1925
40 Tatlock, Frederick  1885Bolton, Lancashire, England I6129
41 Tatlock, Ivy  24 Mar 1905Bolton, Lancashire, England I2130
42 Tatlock, James  1852Bolton, Lancashire, England I1595
43 Tatlock, John  1850Bolton, Lancashire, England I1600
44 Tatlock, John  1856Bolton, Lancashire, England I6130
45 Tatlock, John  1864Bolton, Lancashire, England I2730
46 Tatlock, John Henry  1883Bolton, Lancashire, England I6126
47 Tatlock, Jonathan  1854Bolton, Lancashire, England I4468
48 Tatlock, Jonathan  1863Bolton, Lancashire, England I2732
49 Tatlock, Jonathan  1885Bolton, Lancashire, England I6128
50 Tatlock, Jonathan  1889Bolton, Lancashire, England I6127

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Longworth, Sarah  24 Jul 1831Bolton, Lancashire, England I26
2 Mitchell, Ada  30 Nov 1879Bolton, Lancashire, England I1549
3 Mitchell, Amelia  23 Apr 1876Bolton, Lancashire, England I2737
4 Mitchell, Annie  13 Sep 1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I2738
5 Mitchell, Charles  9 Sep 1883Bolton, Lancashire, England I1551
6 Mitchell, Florence  11 Sep 1887Bolton, Lancashire, England I2739
7 Mitchell, Gertrude  26 Jul 1885Bolton, Lancashire, England I1552
8 Mitchell, James  12 Mar 1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I1550
9 Mitchell, Jane "Cissy"  24 Feb 1889Bolton, Lancashire, England I1553
10 Mitchell, Lily  17 Feb 1878Bolton, Lancashire, England I1548
11 Tatlock, John  26 Jun 1864Bolton, Lancashire, England I2730
12 Tatlock, Jonathan  11 Jan 1863Bolton, Lancashire, England I2732


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderton, Elizabeth "Betty"  1867Bolton, Lancashire, England I1558
2 Bailey, Ephraim  1890Bolton, Lancashire, England I2950
3 Brockbank, James  1897Bolton, Lancashire, England I4036
4 Brockbank, James  1902Bolton, Lancashire, England I5629
5 Brockbank, James "Jim"  1925Bolton, Lancashire, England I658
6 Brockbank, Lilian  1915Bolton, Lancashire, England I1116
7 Brockbank, Robert  20 Nov 1939Bolton, Lancashire, England I128
8 Brockbank, Sylvester  23 May 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I153
9 Brockbank, Tom  Aug 1999Bolton, Lancashire, England I190
10 Carslow, Thomas  1913Bolton, Lancashire, England I1775
11 Davies, Robert Windsor  17 Jul 1976Bolton, Lancashire, England I2048
12 Greenhalgh, Bertha  1924Bolton, Lancashire, England I341
13 Harwood, Lettice  1914Bolton, Lancashire, England I6123
14 Hulme, Wright  1950Bolton, Lancashire, England I1541
15 Longworth, Eliza  1841Bolton, Lancashire, England I3250
16 Longworth, Elizabeth  1816Bolton, Lancashire, England I2510
17 Longworth, Thomas  1830Bolton, Lancashire, England I2511
18 Longworth, Vincent Richard  1890Bolton, Lancashire, England I1592
19 Mason, Elsie  6 Dec 1995Bolton, Lancashire, England I342
20 Mitchell, Amelia  1877Bolton, Lancashire, England I2737
21 Mitchell, Florence  1888Bolton, Lancashire, England I2739
22 Mitchell, James  1954Bolton, Lancashire, England I1550
23 Mitchell, Simeon  23 Jan 1919Bolton, Lancashire, England I40
24 Morris, Susanna  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I1593
25 Tatlock, Baby  Sep 1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I1797
26 Tatlock, Catherine  1907Bolton, Lancashire, England I20
27 Tatlock, Catherine "Kitty"  1890Bolton, Lancashire, England I33
28 Tatlock, Daisy Jane  Jul 1893Bolton, Lancashire, England I1925
29 Tatlock, Frederick  1885Bolton, Lancashire, England I6129
30 Tatlock, Ivy  28 Sep 1996Bolton, Lancashire, England I2130
31 Tatlock, James  1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I1557
32 Tatlock, John  1864Bolton, Lancashire, England I2730
33 Tatlock, Jonathan  1863Bolton, Lancashire, England I2732
34 Tatlock, Jonathan  1885Bolton, Lancashire, England I6128
35 Tatlock, Mary  Mar 1846Bolton, Lancashire, England I5
36 Tatlock, Mary Elizabeth  Dec 1859Bolton, Lancashire, England I2731
37 Tatlock, William  Sep 1915Bolton, Lancashire, England I27
38 True, Fred  14 Nov 2004Bolton, Lancashire, England I2050
39 True, Frederick W.  1962Bolton, Lancashire, England I330
40 Turner, Alice  1978Bolton, Lancashire, England I2049
41 Unsworth, Cicely "Cecilia"  20 Oct 1903Bolton, Lancashire, England I1397
42 Unsworth, Elizabeth  1886Bolton, Lancashire, England I1400
43 Watson, Susannah  1899Bolton, Lancashire, England I3748
44 Windsor, Arline  1975Bolton, Lancashire, England I346
45 Windsor, Bertha  Apr 1985Bolton, Lancashire, England I344
46 Windsor, Clara  21 Dec 1979Bolton, Lancashire, England I345
47 Windsor, George  1976Bolton, Lancashire, England I339


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court    Person ID 
1 Brockbank, Percy  1904Bolton, Lancashire, England I25


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Informant    Person ID 
1 Brockbank, James "Jim"  30 Dec 1892Bolton, Lancashire, England I658
2 Longworth, Elizabeth  5 Jan 1869Bolton, Lancashire, England I653
3 Unsworth, Jane  24 Jan 1876Bolton, Lancashire, England I31
4 Woods, Amy  10 Aug 1913Bolton, Lancashire, England I1539


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hancock, Mary  1917Bolton, Lancashire, England I334
2 Horrocks, Henry  1854Bolton, Lancashire, England I107
3 Unsworth, Cicely "Cecilia"  1854Bolton, Lancashire, England I1397
4 Windsor, Thomas  1917Bolton, Lancashire, England I360


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackburn / Brockbank  1888Bolton, Lancashire, England F62
2 Brockbank / Hulme  4 Sep 1886Bolton, Lancashire, England F433
3 Brockbank / Marshall  1858Bolton, Lancashire, England F64
4 Brockbank / Woods  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England F432
5 Farnworth / Winward  1905Bolton, Lancashire, England F491
6 Knight / True  1948Bolton, Lancashire, England F1993
7 Longworth / Horrocks  1715Bolton, Lancashire, England F87
8 Longworth / Taylor  1910Bolton, Lancashire, England F1007
9 Longworth / Whitehead  14 Sep 1686Bolton, Lancashire, England F315
10 Mitchell / Weston  2 Apr 1902Bolton, Lancashire, England F2002
11 Vause / Mitchell  29 Sep 1900Bolton, Lancashire, England F2003
12 Windsor / Davy  1891Bolton, Lancashire, England F620
13 Windsor / Dodds  1915Bolton, Lancashire, England F471
14 Windsor / Lloyd  1960Bolton, Lancashire, England F1988
15 Windsor / O'Hara  1929Bolton, Lancashire, England F574
16 Windsor / Turner  1927Bolton, Lancashire, England F573