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Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza  Abt 1821Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I314
2 Carter, Amy  1800Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I436
3 Carter, Ann  1797Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I923
4 Carter, Ann  1824Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1085
5 Carter, Ann  Abt 1827Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I918
6 Carter, Betsy  1827Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I434
7 Carter, Charles  1832Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I6024
8 Carter, Christopher  1810Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I4405
9 Carter, Emily  1828Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1084
10 Carter, Frances  1811Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I911
11 Carter, George  1803Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1037
12 Carter, George  1804 or 1805Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1036
13 Carter, George  1818Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1029
14 Carter, George  1829Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I920
15 Carter, Henry  1768Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1043
16 Carter, Henry  1794Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1447
17 Carter, Henry  1827Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1451
18 Carter, James  Abt 1803Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I4398
19 Carter, John  1799Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I922
20 Carter, Louisa  1809Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I4404
21 Carter, Maria  1812Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I4406
22 Carter, Mary  1770Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I935
23 Carter, Mary  1775Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I931
24 Carter, Mary  1796Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I925
25 Carter, Mary  1801Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1038
26 Carter, Mary Ann  1807Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I4403
27 Carter, Philip  1804Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I914
28 Carter, Sally  1805Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I438
29 Carter, Stephen  1802Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I437
30 Carter, Stephen  1807Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1032
31 Carter, Stephen  1809Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1031
32 Carter, Susan  1806Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1034
33 Carter, Susannah  1777Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I930
34 Carter, Susannah  1812Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1030
35 Carter, Thomas  1785Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I928
36 Carter, Thomas  1803Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I917
37 Carter, Thomas  1809Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I913
38 Carter, Usselton  Abt 1780Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I929
39 Carter, Usselton  1797Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1041
40 Carter, William  1771Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I934
41 Carter, William  1772Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I932
42 Carter, William  1797Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1040
43 Carter, William  1799Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1039
44 Carter, William  1803Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I916
45 Pattle, Sarah "Sally"  Abt 1816Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I426
46 Pymar, Mary Hannah  1841Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1025
47 Pymar, Sarah Ann  1839Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I2917
48 Rowling, Sarah  Abt 1804Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1015
49 Symonds, Rhoda  Abt 1808Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I4399


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Frances  Oct 1764Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I3386
2 Carter, Ann  1804Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I923
3 Carter, Frances  1812Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I911
4 Carter, George  Sep 1804Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1037
5 Carter, George  Feb 1807Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1036
6 Carter, Louisa  Nov 1809Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I4404
7 Carter, Mary  1771Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I935
8 Carter, Mary  1777Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I931
9 Carter, Mary  May 1802Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1038
10 Carter, Philip  1809Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I914
11 Carter, Stephen  1808Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1032
12 Carter, Susan  Sep 1806Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1034
13 Carter, Thomas  1786Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I928
14 Carter, Thomas  1886Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I913
15 Carter, Usselton  Apr 1798Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1041
16 Carter, William  1772Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I934
17 Carter, William  Apr 1797Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1040
18 Carter, William  21 Nov 1864Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I916
19 Fletcher, Matilda  1842Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I921
20 Ling, Mary  27 Nov 1845Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I1042
21 Pearson, Ann  1867Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I912
22 Usselton, Thomas  Jun 1761Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I3385
23 Wells, Ann  1823Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England I926


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carter / Beard  21 Mar 1865Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England F220
2 Carter / Smith  20 Dec 1827Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England F223
3 Shave / Middleditch  1912Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England F215