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Denston, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carter, Emily  2 Aug 1886Denston, Suffolk, England I1062
2 Carter, Hannah  1817Denston, Suffolk, England I1359
3 Carter, Henry  1821Denston, Suffolk, England I1449
4 Carter, Henry  1825Denston, Suffolk, England I1450
5 Carter, Henry "Harry"  20 Nov 1881Denston, Suffolk, England I1065
6 Carter, John  1827Denston, Suffolk, England I433
7 Carter, Mary  1818Denston, Suffolk, England I1103
8 Carter, Nellie  24 Jun 1888Denston, Suffolk, England I1060
9 Carter, Samuel  7 Apr 1830Denston, Suffolk, England I1080
10 Carter, Stephen  1842Denston, Suffolk, England I1026
11 Carter, Susanna  1822Denston, Suffolk, England I1086
12 Carter, William Pearce  11 Feb 1884Denston, Suffolk, England I1063
13 Simpson, Robert  1830Denston, Suffolk, England I439
14 Usselton, Frances  Denston, Suffolk, England I3387
15 Usselton, Hannah  1747Denston, Suffolk, England I4291
16 Usselton, Mary  1742Denston, Suffolk, England I1027


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Broughton, Margaret  6 Aug 1524Denston, Suffolk, England I4892
2 Carter, Ann  Sep 1824Denston, Suffolk, England I1085
3 Carter, Emily  23 Apr 1968Denston, Suffolk, England I1062
4 Carter, Henry  Dec 1812Denston, Suffolk, England I1028
5 Carter, Henry  Oct 1821Denston, Suffolk, England I1449
6 Carter, Henry  Oct 1825Denston, Suffolk, England I1450
7 Carter, Henry  Apr 1827Denston, Suffolk, England I1451
8 Carter, Henry "Harry"  7 Mar 1886Denston, Suffolk, England I1065
9 Carter, Jaazaniah  29 Jul 1930Denston, Suffolk, England I1072
10 Carter, Maria  Mar 1813Denston, Suffolk, England I4406
11 Carter, Mary Eva  6 Dec 1914Denston, Suffolk, England I1073
12 Carter, Nellie  2 Feb 1973Denston, Suffolk, England I1060
13 Carter, Stephen  1843Denston, Suffolk, England I1031
14 Carter, Susannah  Jun 1812Denston, Suffolk, England I1030
15 Carter, Usselton  1860Denston, Suffolk, England I929
16 Middleditch, Benjamin  2 Nov 1924Denston, Suffolk, England I892
17 Pattle, Sarah "Sally"  2 Oct 1860Denston, Suffolk, England I426
18 Pearce, Janet  24 Sep 1934Denston, Suffolk, England I1067
19 Usselton, Mary  Jul 1810Denston, Suffolk, England I1027
20 Winterflood, Sarah  1814Denston, Suffolk, England I441

Alternative Baptism

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternative Baptism    Person ID 
1 Carter, Ann  12 Jul 1824Denston, Suffolk, England I1085
2 Carter, George  31 May 1818Denston, Suffolk, England I1029
3 Carter, Henry  10 Apr 1827Denston, Suffolk, England I1451